British build a navy can attack France. You will need at least two destroyers. to protect from subs, an aircraft carrier, Your battle ship and crusers can bombard. This way you need only one transport to begin with,(but lots of navy to protect it from the combined air and naval forces of Germany) Put one artillary and land it on France. with the 4 Plus two 3's of bombardment you have a total of 12 possible hits this should result in at least two hits on the Germans with a possiblity of four hits. The most that the British can lose is one hit the artillary. meanwhile the British can build more transports with tanks to invade either France or Germany's capital. Once France is taken the British threaten both Italy and Germany. The Axis will be forced to take some of their forces out of attacking Russia and turn their attention to defending Europe. If Russia survives the Allies win.

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