Historical BackgroundEdit

Common Primary ObjectivesEdit

RUSSIA - Hold the line against Germany and wait for the Allie's economic superiorty to win out.

GERMANY - Crush Russia while not losing France or Germany.

ITALY - It'll be nice to expand to Africa, but if that isn't possible, at least become king of the med.

US - Help the allies out in Europe, and delay Japan's growth until Berlin falls.

UK - Annoy the Germans by repeated landing troops into Norway and other weak spots. Naval superiorty is key.

JAPAN - Expand into Asia without letting the Americans to the east get the best of you. Maintain naval domination of the Pacific.

Objectives by EditionEdit

50th Anniv. EditionEdit

Win! America take out the southern chain of island starting with the Solomons this will raise your IPC by 5 each turn continue so that your fleet is in position to counter attack in India if Japan takes India which it can if it puts all of its resources into taking India. Put most of America's effort in attacting Europe. Infantry and Artiliary based in north Africa can threaten both France from the Med and the Alantic, These units also threaten to take Italy out of the war. France is a wonderful target both UK and USA get bonuses for either one controlling France. the six IPC's also help. Best of all it may cause Germany to pull units out of Russia making Russia's survival possible. Let Japan rule the Pacific. Even conquer Hawaii. The war is not won in the Pacific it is won in Europe. If Russia can survive Germany and Italy will be crushed between Russia's wall of infrantry and the Americans Invasion.

British one build your fleet so that it can survive an attack by the combine naval and air of Germany. Then attack France. and maintain the threat to invade Germany Consider building an industrial complex in Egypt India can not be held against an all out Japanese thrust. Only two units can be built in Egypt but airunits and naval units there can threaten an invasion of Italy and can deprive Italy of the bonus 5 IPC for the Med.

Russia. Counter attack in the Causcus.defend Moscow, and delay the loss of Lenningrad as long as possible. Build lot of infrantry with some artilliary so that you can counter attack as needed. Consider giving up the Russian far East and retreat the infantry there as quickly as possible to defend Moscow.

Revised EditionEdit

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